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Flying Cavalries product design
  Flying Cavalries is a company set up in London, UK in 2010 in the area of industrial designing, interior designing. The company consists of a team of designers; one of whom is an architect and the other is an industrial designer. Both have the reputation of possessing an artist's sensibility and vision in their projects. This young team always find out creative solutions to design problems and they are able to translate the requirements of customers into successful design proposals.  
Hasan AgarHasan Agar
  Hasan Agar is the founder and the head designer of Flying Cavalries. He is an industrial designer graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul, Turkey in 1999. He completed his masters` degree in the same University and majored in prototyping technologies on product designing. He has qualifications in 2D and 3D visualization, animation and illustration. He has profound experience in leading team of designers and other specialists and has been responsible for the development, management, implements and control of project resources such as cost and time. His ability to bespoke design, illustrate and ingenious use of materials make the designer succesful.  
Kubra Agar Kubra Agar
  Kubra Agar is the partner of Flying Cavalries and she is a qualified architect who graduated from Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey in 2002. She has a master degree in computer aided design. She has qualifications and practical experience gained through the architecture, interior and product designing activities. She has been working at several project management platforms ranging from master planning to construction and urban planning.  
  Flying Cavalries Fireplaces offer you 3 new free-standing models. They are each inspired by natural elements. They are: Hillside, Aurora and Terragen.  
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  The proposed unit concept aims to display the comic character figures collected by a young man who is interested in these fantastic toys. He had a great collection and eventually intended to spare them a special area..  
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  It is possible to organise many DVD boxes and also store them in this TV Unit. It is designed for the client’s desire of watching movie and for his..  
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  Skilfully combination of material and lines which came from nature, simple and stylish but impressive..  
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  It is designed as a set of furniture and objects for a bedroom with a special pattern.
This pattern is used in several items like a chandelier’s..
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  The Hasirli Restaurant which is located in Ikitelli in Istanbul lays on app. 800 m² area. The project was designed and executed in 3 months and initially was intended to draw attention with delicate threshold that converts the place from conventional Ottoman Style into a contemporary plenitude..  
Special Designed and Produced ChandelierSpecial Designed and Produced ChandelierSpecial Designed and Produced Wall LampsDelicious View in the RestaurantFrom First Floor to Ground Floor
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  It is a modern designed office project in Istanbul-Feneryolu with simple and plain colours like gray, and natural materials like stone and stainless steel. In this simple design it is aimed to compose clear spaces with skilfully finishing details..  
Reception of OfficeSeperator DetailReception and Seperator ViewSpecial Designed Lightning for Lavatories
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Storyboard for Roche TV Advert
  This is a good example of a storyboard of the Flying Cavalries, that made for the ROCHE Company for the TV advertisement. Title is Blue Bicycle and motto is "Set Out For Early Diagnosis of Cancer". This Project is a social responsibility project which won a lot of PR prize..  
  This presentation is an idea about the guerilla marketing for the Duracell Company..  
  This comic books pages are drawed for a movie project. These illustrations are used for the transition frames. All character drawings are remained to the real cast..  
  Able to draw comic’s style, illustration and anatomical sketches. Able to dream and create and present sketches and drawing and colouring fully computer aided with wacom cintiq screen. There are some samples from the hand sketches..  
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